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Credit repair and counseling you can trust.

Our credit repair specialists are not just here to simply sign up a client and then send out “cookie cutter” FTC dispute letters. Most credit repair companies, irresponsibly, mail out these simple letters and then charge you a fee, when in fact these letters are available on-line for FREE. To make things worse, this style of credit repair can actually hurt your efforts for a better credit profile.

We are different, we start an investigation and look for any violations of the 72+ regulations that protect your rights as a consumer. We use FCRA” (Fair Credit Reporting Act), “CCPA“ (Consumer Credit Protection Act), the “FACTA” (Fair and Accurate Credit Act) and the “FDCPA” (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) just to name a few. With integrity, we lawfully remove negative items listed in your credit history, resulting in increased credit scores.

Our service is specifically designed for consumers trying to qualify for all types of loans including home, auto, student, and business loans. Additionally, consumers trying to qualify for a credit card or simply wanting to lower their current interest rates benefit from our rapid results.

In addition to repairing your credit, our experts will provide you with a level of credit related education and resources that will benefit you for years to come.

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Our Credit Repair Blog

This is where you can find valuable information about credit solutions and consumers’ rights.

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