Public Records

You may encounter a credit report where the public record items are coded. The chart below will help you determine the type of public record based on the code.

AB JD Abstract Judgment (foreclosure,etc.) PD CL Paid collection ($50 and up)
BKRPT Bankruptcy SECLN Secured loan
FINCL Financial counselors SP MT Separate maintenance
FN ST Financial statement filed ST JD Satisfied judgment (foreclosure,etc.).
FORCL Foreclosure SUDI Suit dismissed
GARN Garnishment SUIT Lawsuit
LIEN Tax Lien UP CL Unpaid collection
MAR Marital items (divorce, etc.) WEP Wage earner plan

Account Type Codes

The following chart will help you determine the account type.

C Line of Credit I Installment
M Mortgage O Open Account (30 or 90 days)
R Revolving (open-end account) U Unknown

Account Types

The following is a list of account types you may encounter on a credit report.

Auto Credit Line Secured
Unsecured Collection Agency/Attorney
Secured Telecommunications/Cellular
Partially Secured Family Support
Home Improvement Real Estate-Jr. Liens and Non-Purchase Money First
FHA Home Improvement Loan Second Mortgage
Installment Sales Contract Government Unsecured Guaranteed Loan
Charge Account Government Secured Guaranteed Loan
Real Estate Government Unsecured Direct Loan
Time Share Loan Government Secured Direct Loan
Factoring Company Account Government Grant
Construction Loan Commercial Installment Loan
Flexible Spending Credit Card Commercial Mortgage Loan
Business Loan Home Equity
Recreational Merchandise Government Over payment
Education Loan Government Fine
Lease Government Fee for Services
Check Credit or Line of Credit Government Employee Advance
Manufactured Housing Government Miscellaneous Debt
Credit Card Government Benefit
FHA Real Estate Mortgage Loan Returned Check
Lender Placed Insurance Installment Loan
Household Goods Commercial Line of Credit
Note Loan Agricultural
Secured by Household Goods Bi-Monthly Mortgage Payments
Secured by Household Goods and Other Collateral Semi-Monthly Mortgage Payments
VA Real Estate Mortgage Loan Home Equity Line of Credit
Conventional Real Estate Mortgage-Purchase Money First Business Credit Card
Real Estate Mortgage Deposit Related
Rental Agreement Medical Debt
Secured Credit Card Child Support
FMHA Real Estate Mortgage Loan Spouse Support
Summer of Accounts with Same Statues Attorney Fees
Unknown Debit Card
Debt Counseling Service Debt Consolidation
Combined Credit Plan Utility Company
Auto Lease Secured Home Improvement
Business Line Personally Guaranteed

Account Status Codes

This chart will help you determine the rating code for payments.

$ Assigned to US Department of Education F In financial counseling
0 Too New G Foreclosure process started
1 As agreed, not more than 1 payment past due H In WEP or other party
2 Pays 30-59 days, not more than 2 payments past due J Adjustment pending
3 Pays 60-89 days, not more than 3 payments past due M Included in Chapter 13
4 Pays 90-119 days, not more than 4 payments past due S Disputer-resolution pending
5 Pays over 120 days, 5 or more payments past due U Need account # to check
7 Making payments/Wage Earner Plan Z Account included in bankruptcy
8 Repossession CD Collection status unpaid
8A Voluntary repossession CF Collection status in financia lcounseling
8P Repossession, making payments CJ Collection status adjustment pending
8R Repossession redeemed CN Collection status new listing
9 Charge off to bad debt CP Collection status paid
9P Making payments on an account rated 09 or 9B CO Collection status
A Account is inactive CS Collection status disputed-Resolution pending
B Lost or stolen card CT Collection status payment
C Contact Member for status CU Collection status unknown
D Refinanced or Renewed CX Collection status checked
E Consumer deceased CZ Collection status in bankruptcy or other party

Account Rating Codes

The chart below will help you determine the rating code for accounts.

Revolving or
Open Account Meaning
I0 R0 O0 Too new to rate
I1 R1 O1 Pays account as agreed
I2 R2 O2 Not more than two payments past due
I3 R3 O3 Not more than three payments past due
I4 R4 O4 Not more than four payments past due
I5 R5 O5 More than 120 days or four payments past due
I7 R7 O7 Making regular payments under WEP.
I8 R8 O8 Repossession
I9 R9 O9 Bad debt; placed for collection
IA RA OA Account is inactive
IB RB OB Lost or stolen card
IC RC OC Contact member for status
ID RD OD Refinanced or renewed
IE RE OE Consumer deceased
IF RF OF In financial counseling
IG RG OG Foreclosure process started
IH RH OH In WEP of other party
IJ RJ OJ Adjustment pending
IM RM OM Included in Chapter 13

ECOA Codes

ECOA Codes Description
A Authorized User – This individual is an authorized user of this account; another individual has contractual responsibility
C Joint Account Contractual Responsibility – This individual is contractually obligated to repay all debts arising on this account. There are other people associated with this account who may or may not have contractual responsibility.
I Individual – This individual has contractual responsibility for this account and is primarily responsible for its payment
M Maker (signer) – This  individual is responsible for this account, which is guaranteed by a Co-maker (cosigner)
P Shared Account – This individual participates in this account. The association cannot be distinguished between ECOA I or J
S co Signer – This individual has guaranteed this account and assumes responsibility should signer default
T Terminated – Account is terminated
U Undesignated – This is reported by the Bureau only
X Deceased – the subject is on record as being dead.

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